VIDEO: Secular Syria

Media are inducing sectarianism instead of highlighting secularism in Syria.

Western mainstream media have been talking about Syria in terms of sectarian and ethnic groups, although western countries have their values of secularism, civil society and citizenship. However, is Syrian society really divided like it’s presented in the mainstream media? We’ll try to check out this issue in this report.

Here are some quotes said by Syrian youth:

„Syrian society is secular; Since we were born and raised in this country, we haven’t ever learned to evaluate people depending on their religion or ethnic group”

„Western society has always been calling for secularism and when we see them using a sectarian language it means that they’re contradicting themselves”

„Western society has systemically tried to create sectarian strives in Syria and worked to feed possible gaps that could exist in any society”

The Syrian war has many aspects, one of them is the conflict between secularism and extremism

(Middle East Channel, 26 May 2016)

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