Ramsey Clark – United States Attorney General, 1967-1969

Ramsey Clark’s speech in 1998:

When the Iran-Iraq war began, over million very young men lost their lives in that war, Henry Kissinger said at the beginning of war, 8 years of war: I hope they kill each other. That was exactly our policy. What could be better? Have them kill each other, then who has to worry about that region anymore.

Ramsey Clark’s speech „We Want To See A Peace on Earth” during the conference „It’s Time To Create A World Without War” in New York in 2014:

Anyway, the numbers of wars have been so great and so deadly, and we’ve so glorified the power of violence; we’ve spent so much of our ingenuity on more sophisticated ways of killing people on the cheap at the minimum risk to ourselves. And it’s been, how many years since 1967, when Dr. Martin Luther King at the Riverside Church here, said “The greatest purveyor of violence on Earth was my own government.” And that violence is the ultimate human degradation. Other animals don’t kill themselves in masses like that, you know? It’s hard enough for them to get enough food, without worrying about going off and just randomly slaughtering their own species. But we spend a lot of money and a lot of ingenuity at it. And certainly as much as it was true in 1967, we’re the greatest purveyor of violence on Earth.

– see the full transcript of the speech

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