DOC FILM (Kapu, Arena 1988): The Art of Hearing – The Most Important in Journalism

Nieznany film pt. Arena: Kapuscinski z Ryszardem Kapuścińskim zamieściła 23 czerwca 2014 brytyjska telewizja BBC Four (fragment dokumentu Your Man Who Is There, długość 05:51, pierwsza emisja 29 stycznia 1988, BBC 2). Według Kapu to sztuka słuchania jest najważniejsza w dziennikarstwie. Mówi również o książce Cesarz.

Unikatowe nagranie.

Ryszard Kapuscinski : Your Man Who Is There

Season 1988 Episode 4

Aired date:

Plot: On the work of Ryszard Kapuscinski, a major figure in contemporary literature and journalism. In three decades he has witnessed and reported on 27 revolutions, and is now working on a trilogy on 20th century despotism – 'Amin’.

Opis ze strony

BBC Two England, 29 January 1988, 21.25

Ryszard Kapuscinski
Your Man Who is There
The first of two programmes featuring the work of a major figure in contemporary literature and journalism. In three decades, reporting from Latin America, Africa and the Far East,  Kapuscinski has witnessed 27 revolutions. His portraits of Haile Selassie and the Shah of Iran, The Emperor and Shah of Shahs, have brought him worldwide recognition. As a prominent Solidarity member, he has been unable to write for the Polish media since the imposition of martial law. He has chosen to remain in Warsaw and is now working on the last volume of his trilogy on 20th-century despotism – Amin.
Film editor DAVID KITSON
Director ADAM Low
Next week, 'Arena’ presents  Kapuscinski’s 'The Emperor’ in the highly-acclaimed Royal Court production by Jonathan Miller

Komentarze do tego filmu:

Adam Low writes: Ryszard Kapuscinski and I made a film together for BBC Arena in 1987. At the time he was writing about Idi Amin and had even drawn a diagram of Amin’s brain, which was pinned on the wall of his small flat in Wola, a working-class district of Warsaw. He had acquired an almost celebrity status in Poland, where his books were read as thinly disguised commentaries on communist Poland. As a person Ryszard was extremely modest and self-effacing. He found the business of filming terribly frustrating („I am not actor!”), and was so self-conscious in public that I was lucky to get one take before he literally disappeared. He had an inexhaustible number of stories about his experiences in Africa and South America, and a unique ability to focus on the telling object – the key he was given in Moscow to a flat in Azerbaijan, the egg he boiled daily in a kettle at the malaria clinic in Tanzania. He could be very funny, about the pomposity of British colonial officials in West Africa or the grandiosity of the Shah of Iran, and equally chilling about the bodies washed up in Lake Victoria during the final days of Amin.

Wendy Cope (The Spectator, 6 February 1988):

If and when Newsnight is given a regular time, I am sure I’ll watch it more often. On Friday I caught it by accident because I happened to have been watching the programme that preceded it. This was the Arena (BBC 2) film about the Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski, evidently an important and fascinating writer on the subjects of tyranny and revolution. His books on the Shah and Haile Selassie seem to have been translated into English (we saw shots of English covers) but it wasn’t made clear whether or not they are available in this country. A pity, since many viewers will probably want to read them.

5 lutego 1988 telewizja BBC 2 (również w serii Arena) pokazała przedstawienie Jonathana Millera pt. The Emperor. Do obejrzenia tutaj, długość 1:28:50.

BBC Arena

The Emperor

Season 1988 Episode 5

Aired date:

Plot: Performance of Jonathan Miller’s production for the Royal Court Theatre, of Ryszard Kapuscinski’s „The Emperor”, adapted for the stage and television by Michael Hastings and Jonathan Miller. Drama about the last days of Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia before his final overthrow.

Opis ze strony

BBC Two England, 5 February 1988, 21.00

Arena presents JONATHAN MILLER 'S acclaimed production for the Royal Court Theatre. Adapted for the stage and television by MICHAEL HASTINGS and JONATHAN MILLER
Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, was one of the great enigmatic figures of the century.
Five actors bring to life memories of the corruption and double-dealing at the emperor’s palace just before his final overthrow. Theatre set and costume design RICHARD HUDSON
Set design adapted for television ALAN SPALDING
Produced and directed by JONATHAN MILLER


Arena is a British television documentary series, made and broadcast by the BBC. It has run since 1 October 1975, and over five hundred episodes have been made. Arena covers all manner of subjects, from profiles of notable people such as Bob Dylan to the Ford Cortina car. Arena was originally conceived by the producer Alan Yentob, who also did on-camera presenting and interviewing work for the programme. Arena was voted one of the 50 most influential programmes of all time in a poll of leading TV executives in Broadcast magazine.

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