Il kamikaze della pace (2002)

Film „Il kamikaze della pace” z 2002 roku.

Reżyseria: Leandro Manfrini, Willy Baggi
Długość: 48′
Tytuł angielski: The Peace Kamikaze

Opis filmu ze strony RSI.CH:

Tiziano Terzani, the “Peace kamikaze” introduces himself with these words: “Is violence really the best way to deter violence? Since the beginning of time has there ever been a war that has put an end to all wars?” The troubling questions underline the extreme seriousness of the present moment, reminding us how today, for the first time in its long history, mankind has the capability of annihilating itself because it possesses nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapons of mass destruction. In order to expose the logic of revenge which inevitably leads to massacre, Terzani evokes Ancient Greek theatre where the noblest connotations of politics were represented as the resistance to exacting revenge. He is aware that the infernal spiral of violence cannot be broken from one day to the next. In spite of his white robe, his thick white beard and long white hair which remind one of an Indian guru, Terzani is not an ingenuous or radical pacifist. This former special correspondent in Asia for the German magazine “Der Spiegel” did not elaborate on any unique theory. He only wants to tell us that we have to take advantage of a “great opportunity” to introduce small changes in our way of thinking, our way of being and of living in this world, because the true causes of war are found “within ourselves”. To paraphrase the French writer Albert Camus, Tiziano Terzani prefers to remain on the side of those madmen who in their hearts believe that the human condition can be improved upon, rather than on the side of those cowards who look at the world passively from their comfortable armchair.

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