DOC FILM (Terzani): Film Anam in English

Anam, the one with no name: The last interview with Tiziano Terzani

Obejrzyj  fragment (ok. 2 minuty) z napisami po angielsku – strona Rai Trade


In this interview, filmed only two months before his death, Terzani describes how he first placed himself in the hands of Western Medicine to treat his cancer. Then he decides to travel through different and far away countries and civilizations, looking for a cure for his cancer and for insight. Terzani was one of the great figures of European journalism: he spent almost forty years in Asia, studied Sinology, and as a correspondent for Hamburg’s „Der Spiegel”, the Italian „Corriere della Sera” and „Repubblica”. Terzani died on 28 July 2004. His last memories are recorded in this interview entitled „Anam” an Indian word that literally means „the one with no name”, appellative gained during an experience in an ashram in India.

DIRECTOR: Mario Zanot
VERSION: Italian with English subtitles
YEAR: 2004

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