DOC FILM (Haiti, 1983): Bitter Cane

Produced by a team of North Americans and Haitians working with Haiti Films.

“Excellent and provocative…exceptionally well-crafted.” – L.A. Times

“An outstanding analytical documentary…laid out with impressive clarity… organized with the utmost intelligence…fascinating newsreel footage…convincing.” – Variety

“Thoughtful” – The Village Voice

“Cogently argued…The complex human exploitation involved is made so vivid that the film becomes an especially instructive case history of U.S. – Third World relations.” – Library Journal

“Powerful” – British Film Institute

„Six years in the making and filmed clandestinely under the Duvalier dictatorship, Bitter Cane is a timeless documentary classic about the exploitation and foreign domination of the Haitian people.
From peasant coffee farms in the rugged tropical mountains to steamy U.S. – owned sweatshops in the teeming capital, the film takes the viewer on a journey through Haitian history to a deeper understanding of that country’s political economy.
We see emerging paths of flight – industries from the U.S., refugees from Haiti – which are having profound effects on both societies.” –

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