John Stockwell, manager of CIA covert operations in Angola (1975-76): „Freedom of the press doesn’t mean that the New York Times is required to print the truth, it means that they have the freedom to print lies if they want to.”

The book by Jerry Fresia,Toward an American Revolution. Exposing the Constitution and other Illusions” (South End Press, Boston 1988). 4 chapters of the book in PDF

Selected quotes from the book:

„We have unreflectively accepted the idea that freedom means the right of a few individuals to control the lives of millions of people by virtue of their private ownership of community, national, and international resources. We have unreflectively accepted the idea that democracy refers to a political system in which the marginal participation of common people is designed to protect the political and economic power of the propertied class. The key political values that emerge from the Constitution are frozen in the ice of eighteenth-century elitism. We allow the privileged to rest comfortably in a set of social relations that call exploitation freedom and the empowerment of the rich democracy. Given these conceptual blinders, the oppression of others becomes harder to see and the corruption of our own humanity, particularly if we are among the privileged, becomes invisible.”

„Between 1949 and 1972, the CIA spent $25,000,000 on mind-control and brain-washing experiments. The CIA has recruited journalists, including correspondents for the New York Times, “CBS News,” Time magazine, and other organizations, in order to plant stories (many of which are false) and popularize policies which might otherwise enjoy little public approval.”

„John Stockwell, who worked for the CIA thirteen years, was Chief of the Angolan Task Force in 1975-1976. In that position he was a subcommittee member of the National Security Council as well as manager of CIA covert operations in Angola. He has stated that onethird of his staff of over 140 personnel consisted of professional propagandists who fed false stories about Cuban and Soviet aggression to the press, the State Department spokesperson, and Ambassador to the United Nations (Daniel Patrick Moynihan, now U.S. Senator from New York). Stockwell, referring to information revealed by the Church Committee investigations of the CIA, noted that the “CIA had co-opted several hundred journalists, including some of the biggest names in the business, to pump its propaganda stories into our media, to teach us to hate Fidel Castro and Ho Chi Minh and the Chinese and whomever…Leslie Gelb, the heavyweight with the New York Times, was exposed for having been working covertly with the CIA in 1978 to recruit journalists in Europe to print stories that would create sympathy for the neutron bomb…Freedom of the press doesn’t mean that the New York Times is required to print the truth, it means that they have the freedom to print lies if they want to.”[John Stockwell, in a talk delivered at the University of California, at Santa Barbara, 8 April, 1986. The tape is available through The Other Americas, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA.]

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